Břežany Farmhouse is owned by the Kavan couple, who work with a team of seasoned professionals led by chef Václav Círa and manager Tereza Štefanová. Together, they take joy in taking care of the house and tending to their clients.

Václav Cír

He won’t spoil any fun, but jokes have no place in the kitchen.

Václav is a passionate chef who lives for cooking. Always good-tempered, he takes his work very seriously. In his career, he gained his first experience at the Na Šustně restaurant where he met chef Tomáš Šťavík who pointed him in the right direction. He then worked for 5 years at the Kastrol restaurant under experienced chefs Pavel Menzel, Jiří Šafařík, and Pierre Memme. Quickly, he worked his way up to sous chef. As he says, it was there where he learned the art of haute cuisine. Then he set out to fulfil his dream and gained experience with Václav Frič at his renowned restaurant Na Pekárně in Čakovičky. Apart from cooking, Václav loves his family and is a proud fan of the Italian football club AC Milan. He lives by the credo: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.


She found passion in her work at Břežany Farmhouse.

Tereza graduated from the Institute of Hospitality Management and Economics in Prague, majoring in spa management with a specialisation in winemaking. It was during her studies that her passion for wine and love for working with people was born. She took a number of courses, including the bartending course from CBA which brought her to participate in the national gastronomic competition Gastro Junior several times. Her university studies have taught her responsibility and led her to a job she enjoys. She met Vašek Cír in Prague as an intern at the Kastrol restaurant and got a job there for the next 5 years. At Břežany, she accompanies the guests from their arrival until their departure. Passionate about decorating and floristry, she will organise your wedding with attention to the finest details – be sure to check out her portfolio of charming wedding bouquets and flower gates.


With the care you receive at the farmhouse, you will feel like you are at your grandma’s house.

Monika’s family comes from the neighbouring town of Kožlany, where her great grandfather was a baker. In 2008, with her husband they bought an uninhabitable building with a plan to rebuild it into a venue for stays with friends, family gatherings and social and company events. In building and running the farm, both draw extensively on their professional experience – Monika is a manager with rich experience at international companies, mentor and coach; Ladislav is the owner of a company distributing French cosmetics and running beauty salons in cooperation with spas, hotels, and wellness centres. Their common goal is to give pride of place to the beautiful environment of the Břežany village in harmony with the renovated interior spaces of the farmhouse.