These terms and conditions govern the mutual relations between the landlord of the above-mentioned property and the tenant (customer).

1. Introductory provisions

The contractual relationship between the landlord and the tenant established on the basis of a written order. The tenant who ordered the rental is liable for the contractual obligations of all parties involved.

Persons under 18 years of age may only use the property if accompanied by a person over 18 years of age. Only a person over 18 years of age may be a tenant.

2. Rental period

During the high season (July, August and New Year’s Eve), rentals are at least one week (Saturday to Saturday). The start of the stay is between 3 pm and 6 pm, and on the last day of the rental until 10am. Other dates and times can be arranged depending on the availability of the property. On weekends, the stay is always a minimum of two nights, arrival on Friday by arrangement, departure on Sunday by 4 pm.

3. Booking and payment of the rental

The rental can be ordered by e-mail, in writing or in person. In the case of a vacant date, the landlord will send an advance invoice of CZK 5,000, which must be paid within two working days. Only after receipt of the payment is the property booked. Failure to pay the advance payment by the due date is considered a sign of disinterest in the rental and the property may be offered to another interested party. By paying the deposit, the booking becomes binding and the customer hereby agrees to abide by the general terms and conditions. The balance must be paid before arrival by bank transfer or cash on arrival. Approximately one week before the date of stay, the landlord will send the renter detailed instructions for the stay including the exact address, description of the route and contact numbers of the property manager in case of any problems.

If the booking is made less than 45 days before the rental date, the landlord will send an advance invoice of 50% of the total rental amount, which is due within two working days. Failure to pay the invoice by the due date is considered an expression of disinterest in the rental and the property may be offered to the next interested party. The balance will be paid as above.

4. Rental price

The rental price is negotiated on the basis of the published price list, in special cases by agreement. A minimum price is set for the rental of the building, and the price is also set according to the number of persons registered. The number of persons can be increased up to the maximum capacity even after payment of the deposit, the total amount of the rental must be paid at least one working day before the start date of the rental. Unregistered persons are not allowed to stay overnight at the property. If more persons than registered are accommodated in the building or at the premises belonging to the building, the landlord or the property manager has the right to terminate the rental immediately and without compensation. The price does not include insurance and insurance in case of cancellation, transport costs, the municipal authority fee on, the price for energy consumed over 60 kWh/day, cleaning, janitorial and hygiene supplies over the limit specified in the price list.

5. Accommodation instructions

The start of the rental is usually between 3 pm and 6 pm on the agreed date. The agreed time must be observed, otherwise the landlord cannot guarantee the proper handover of the property and the cancellation policy comes into force. On handover, the landlord will acquaint the customer with the property and its inventory and hand over the keys. On arrival, the tenant pays a deposit of CZK 5,000 for the property. The deposit is used to cover any minor damages caused by the customer during the stay and to cover the services consumed. If the property and inventory are free of defects on handover and no added services are consumed, the deposit will be refunded in full. The tenant is required to abide by the house rules posted in the property. This includes observing the night-time quiet hours „not disturbing the surroundings with noise unreasonable to local conditions“, locking the property when leaving, saving water and energy, keeping the property tidy and removing rubbish and taking proper care of the rental property. The tenant shall leave the premises in a tidy condition by 10 am on the day the rental ends. The landlord or manager will recheck the condition of the property, take back the keys, make a final accounting, and return the security deposit if everything is in order.

6. Cancellation policy

The tenant may only cancel the order in writing and in an absolutely unambiguous form (letter, e-mail). The moment of receipt of the cancellation by the landlord is decisive. Notifications received on a weekday after working hours, i.e., after 4 pm, and on public holidays and days off are deemed to have been received on the next working day. If the customer cancels a bindingly booked appointment, he/she is obliged to pay the cancellation fees:

    • 31 days or more before arrival 10% of the price of the stay.
    • 15 to 30 days before arrival 50% of the price of the stay.
    • 14 days or less before arrival 100% of the price of the stay.

The landlord will issue a credit note to the tenant and refund the corresponding part of the price already paid within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation.

The booking fee of CZK 5,000 (used to book your dates) is refundable in case you get a replacement for yourself.

In case the customer arranges a replacement for himself, no cancellation fees apply.

The landlord is entitled to cancel the rental if there are serious and unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., natural disaster, catastrophe, sudden event) for which it is not possible to ensure the stay. In such a case, the landlord will refund the rental price already paid to the tenant. The customer has no right to claim any further refunds.

7. Liability for damages

The renter and all persons involved use the property at their own risk during the stay. The landlord is not liable for injuries, damage and destruction of property as well as damage caused by natural disasters and violence of any kind. The tenant is fully responsible for any damage to the property, its facilities and equipment caused by him or other persons involved. The tenant is obliged to report and compensate the landlord (property manager) for any damage caused no later than on the day of termination of the rental. In the event of major damage, a report will be drawn up specifying the date of payment. It is recommended to take out insurance before the start of the rental.

8. Claims

The tenant has the right to complain to the landlord (property manager) about any defects and faults in the property. This applies in particular to defects in technical equipment. The landlord is obliged to remedy these without undue delay, otherwise the tenant may claim a discount. A record of this fact must be made no later than at the time of handing over the property back to the landlord (property manager). The landlord is not responsible for services advertised in the offer that are provided by other entities (shops, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.).

9. Final arrangements

The customer confirms that he/she has read the terms and conditions of the rental, that he/she understands them, that he/she agrees to them in full and confirms this by his/her order.