Please follow the following rules:

    • Please observe the quiet time between 10 pm and 6 am and reduce your noise level. It will be highly appreciated by residents in the surroundings.  
    • Avoid open fires outside designated areas. For your safety, the rooms are equipped with very sensitive smoke detectors and the whole area has a strict no open flame policy.
    • Indoor areas are non-smoking.
    • Use only electrical appliances in good working order and when leaving, make sure they are switched off.
    • When leaving the premises or in case of windy or rainy weather, do not forget to close the windows. In winter, close the windows when leaving the room.
    • The village is a safe area, but we still recommend locking the doors when leaving and at night.
    • Please keep the premises tidy and clean. Bins are located in a designated area with a wooden gate accessible from the village. Recycling containers for plastic, paper and glass are to be found in the second shed on the left.
    • Do not throw any garbage, tampons, food scraps in the toilet. There is no sewerage system in the village, sewage is discharged into a septic tank.
    • Heating is provided by central heating. The boiler room may only be operated by an instructed person. The temperature in the rooms can be regulated by thermostatic heads. Do not let children operate the wood-burning stove – bear in mind the risk of injury or fire.
    • Water is sourced from our own well. Its capacity is sufficient, but in dry periods the water level drops. Please, use it wisely and try to save it. We do not recommend drinking it, use the drinking water tank in the kitchen instead. Hot water is heated in electric boilers overnight, in case of high consumption you can run out of it.
    • Park cars in front of the farmhouse for loading and unloading only. Free parking is available in the enclosed courtyard next door. Do not drive cars on the neighbours’ property.

In case of problems, give us a call.

    • Administrator: 725 018 078
    • Fire department: 150
    • Emergency services: 155
    • Police: 158
    • EU Emergency number: 112

We hope that following these rules will make your stay more pleasant and make you feel at home.

Thank you for following the rules, Mr. and Mrs. Kavan