In the village and its surroundings

Břežany is a small village which lies in Středočeský region, in the district of Rakovník, approx. 20 km southwest from the city of Rakovník. 

Břežany’s origin is connected with the Polish Hedčans, who in the 1039 occupied this region. Even though this is not confirmed by any written record, the names of the villages and places in this area tend to support so. 

Břežany is a nice and small village, in an area above a little river called Javornice, Břežany is surrounded by many famous trip places – Krakovec castle, or baroque pilgrim place Marianska Tynice.

In the close neighborhood of the homestead there are protected landscape areas of Krivoktasko and Jesenicko, which offer many opportunities for trip either by walk or on bikes, for example. There are ponds and lakes close by in which you can enjoy a swim. Near the homestead, there is a river Berounka, which is interesting for fisherman and adventurers, who can raft or canoe there. In a walking distance from the homestead there is a farm, which offers the possibility of horse riding or observation of domestic animals. In a season of mushrooms the forests nearby are full of them. To move and exercise a bit, you can use tennis courts with clay surface, which are only 2 km from the homestead. On the Břežany square you can find an asphalt field, which is free to use by everyone. In the village, there is a pub and in the farm Hedecko, there is a family pub. The grocery shops are situated in the surrounding villages and cities (Kožlany 3,5 km and Čistá 2,5 km)

Place, which you should visit

We will gladly recommend you some great bicycle tours for beginners and even for „professionals“ (For example. „The road of 24 fords“), some walk-to trips or even something more faraway…

In the village

Church of St. Markéta: This church has been built in the first half of the 14th century. It was destroyed during the Hussite wars- period, but then renewed in 1560, but then destroyed again by the thirty years war. The church got its baroque style in the first half of the 18th century. The church is slowly renovated by the Village of Břežany. There is a possibility of a visit, if arranged in time. Weddings ceremonies can take place in the church. 

Granary: In the year 1797 the granary was build – which purpose was to store grains, which were given as a tax by the regional famers to the state. In the year 2011 the granary was reopened after a reconstruction. There is a possibility of a visit, if arranged in time

In the surroundings

  • Krakovec – castle built in 1381, Mr. Jan Hus was living there, you may know from fairytales- At ziji duchove
  • Krašov – Castle from 1232 with amazing view on the river Berounka
  • Mariánská Týnice – Monastery from the baroque period, museum nowadays 
  • Plasy – Monastery established in 1144, from the year 1995 National culture monument 
  • Křivoklát – The Castle of Czech kings in the beginning of 12 century, movies- Noc na Karlštejně, Bathory,etc.
  • Manětín – baroque castle built in 1712. 
  • Týřov – ruin of the castle above Berounka,
  • Chyše – Castle built in 12th century, the castle has a working brewery- good restaurant 
  • Kožlany – museum, birth place of Eduard Beneš
  • Lužná – Trains and rail wails museum,
  • Rakovník –  The king’s city named by Rudolf II in 1588
  • Plzeň – The city of beer and underground pathways, Zoo
  • Rokycany – Aqua park, pools and toboggans connected with the relax and saunas
  • Kounovské řady – a trip 2 km long – “finding stone paths” 
  • Rabštejn nad Střelou – the smallest city in a Europe 
  • Bicycle-road – Berounka, Střela, – nice bicycle tour or walks around rivers 
  • Hedecko – farm, where you can observe animals, nice family pub, horse riding
  • Vožehák – a pond close by to swim in or relax around 


  • Wake – The wake in Břežany offers lots of fun and dancing 
  • Easter farm markets – at the farm Hedecko, everything is a homemade product,- you can buy cheese, ceramics, crepes etc.
  • St. Martin –  the dancing event in Břežany 
  • Christmas concert – In the Břežany church of St. Marketa- famous singer and the local children sing 
  • Witch burning – At the Břežany square –witches are burnt.
  • Children day –  Competitions for children are prepared and you can watch you children from the garden
  • Night of churches – everywhere around the CZ and even in the St. Marketa church, you can visit the unusual places